Lak Youm Ya Beh

Lak Youm Ya Beh

لك يوم يا بيه

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1h 55m 1984 HD

Lak Youm Ya Beh at Fmovies. Mamdooh is married to Wafa, and Mursi is married to Zizi, and they work together in an advertising company. They are famous for their frequent relationships with women. Wafa discovers that her husband Mamdooh is cheating on her with Nana, the advertising girl, during a party at the house of producer Adham. She returns to the house of her father Abdulfattah and her mother Hafizah and asks for a divorce from Mamdooh. Nafisah also tries to get closer to Mamdooh

Lak Youm Ya Beh (1984)
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